Payload Herbicide

When it comes to keeping railways, roadways and utility grounds manageable and weed-free, Payload® Herbicide succeeds. Payload Herbicide delivers long-lasting, broad-spectrum control and even halts herbicide resistant weeds. And, the proven mode of action in Payload Herbicide stops tough weeds like kochia, pigweeds, Russian thistle and more than 100 other bareground weeds.

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Key Benefits

  • Pre-emergence, broadleaf and grass herbicide for bare ground uses
  • Controls weeds resistant to glyphosate, triazine, ALS and synthetic auxin herbicides
  • Low use rates (ounces vs. pounds) = easy to use and store
  • Excellent tank-mix partner and backbone of a strong weed resistance management program

  • Key Uses

    Non-crop areas where bare ground is desired (airports, brickyards, farm buildings, fence rows, gravel shoulders, guard rails, improved roadside areas, industrial plant sites, lumber yards, military installations, parking, pipelines, plant sites, pumping stations, railroad beds, railroad yards, shelter belts, storage, substations, tank farms, ungrazed wind breaks)